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OSTCAN Québec is a proud Member of OSTCAN Canada

Osteopathy Canada (OSTCAN) believes that to secure Canadian osteopathy its due respect on a global level, it is critical that Canadian osteopathy be defined in keeping with the highest international standards. It is imperative to align with what is being done in countries that are regulated at the highest educational and professional standards around the world.

Checklist for Safety & Quality of Care

Is your Osteopathic Manual Practitioner safe? Do they provide high quality osteopathic care? Are they a member of a legitimate osteopathic professional association? What do you look for?

Education Standards

All NEW members of OSTCAN Québec have the following minimum education standard

  • 4 years of osteopathic education at minimum. there are no shortcuts to professional standards, accelerated program cut corners.
  • 4200 hours of total education minimum in those 4 years
  • 1000 hours of Supervised Practical Training. in a dedicated clinical environment that is insured and supervised by Professional Osteopathic Manual Practitioners

Professional Standards

All members of OSTCAN Québec meet the following minimum professional standard

  • Hold valid malpractice and liability coverage
  • Adhere to OSTCAN Québec Standards of Practice
  • Comply to laws of Quebec
  • CLEAR Vulnerable Sector Screening Police Check
  • Satisfy annual Continuing Education Requirements
  • Completion of Mandatory Safety & Ethics training
  • Ethics & Red-Flags recertification
  • Fraud Prevention Education

Association Standards

OSTCAN Québec maintains high membership standards with scrutiny

  • Complaints Policy & Procedures in place to protect Patients
  • Anti-Fraud rules in place to protect Insurance Providers
  • Member verification on website
  • Verified physical location
  • Legitimate Legal Representation
  • Legitimate Legal Representation
  • Comprehensive Bylaws & Standards of Practice
  • Educational Institutional Audits by Independent third party education evaluators
  • Entrance Exam to confirm educational outcomes of approved institutions

OSTCAN Québec Quality Assurance Program

Continuing Education Requirements

Continuing education is required to maintain a professional membership in good standing with OSTCAN Québec. To be eligible for membership renewal each year, a minimum of 12 continuing osteopathic education credits are required.

Please contact for an outline as to how credits may be obtained.

If you wish to offer a course to OSTCAN Québec members, please contact for our Course Approval Criteria.

Partner with OSTCAN Québec to ensure patients are safe and well cared for.

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