Our Mandate

Osteopathy Canada (OSTCAN) believes that adherence to the highest international standards will result in Canadian osteopathy receiving its due respect and recognition. For those reasons, OSTCAN’s mandate is to ensure that Canada’s educational and professional standards are based on the highest international standards.

Our Mission

Osteopathy Canada (OSTCAN) represents provincial osteopathic associations that adhere to the highest standards in education and professionalism. As its national council, OSTCAN represents provincial member organizations in seeking Canadian regulatory standards of the highest international standards, including those in the United Kingdom and Australia.


OSTCAN requires that its member associations uphold a membership requirement that meets the Type 1 standard as outlined by the World Health Organization Benchmarks for training in Osteopathy.


OSTCAN engages private insurance stakeholders in discussions relating to the importance of adhering to internationally recognized standards when approving Canadian osteopathic practitioners as recognized health care providers for group benefit holders.


To become an OSTCAN approved educational institution, all educational providers must complete a full and comprehensive audit of their curriculum, testing, and viability. This is completed by OSTCAN’s independent academic consultants.

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COVID-19 UPDATE: Osteopathy is not an essential service and all practitioners should stop providing treatment. As OSTCAN has been keeping its members abreast of information since early March, and in keeping with the several notices that have been administered directly to our membership; across Canada it is recommended that all practices close. Members of in Ontario specifically, who do not adhere to the order under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act are not complying with the laws of the Province of Ontario. This may result in you being fined and/or imprisoned. It may also result in you being delisted by insurance providers and it is a breach of our Standards of Practice which require you to comply with the laws of the jurisdiction in which you practice (Standard 17), to comply with health and safety legislation (Standard 14) and putting your own interests above your patients' safety (Standard 16). Members remaining open may also be subjected to discipline by the OOA which may result in the revocation of their membership.